Web Coordinator (Concord, NC)

We are searching for a talented and creative person to join us as the Web Coordinator in a junior developer role.

* Develop and maintain solutions for our diverse digital ecosystem
* Create and manage ad-hoc websites, landing pages and apps as needed
* Gather business requirements and develop specifications for web-based applications
* Integrate websites with back-end systems, such as databases
* Develop, troubleshoot and monitor digital activities
* Provide technical assistance to team and partners
* Pro-actively research and execute creative and cost-effective solutions to enhance the fan/end-user experience and overcome obstacles
* Write test plans and test results
* Other duties as assigned

* At least one year relevant experience
* High school diploma or equivalent required; associate's or bachelor's degree in relevant field preferred
* In-depth knowledge of internet protocols and and applications
* Strong knowledge of current and emerging digital trends
* Strong critical thinking skills
* Able to work well both individually and as part of a team
* Able to apply technical knowledge within real-world constraints
* Able to form strategic decisions and execute them successfully
* Proven record of successfully handling multiple projects simultaneously
* Interest in and familiarity with motorsports helpful

Technical Knowledge:
* Strong knowledge of/experience working with:
   * WordPress content management systems
   * Javascript
   * PHP
   * Databases and database integration
   * APIs
* Working knowledge of:
   * Basic SEO protocol
   * UI trends and information architecture
   * Google Analytics
* Helpful knowledge:
   * SportsPress
   * App development
   * Google Tag Manager

About the Role:
* Full-time (40+ hours per week)
* Based in Concord, NC
* Minimal overnight travel required

***Must include salary requirements for consideration***

Manager, Public Relations (Concord, NC)

This full-time role oversees public relations for the World of Outlaws, the Super DIRTcar Series, DIRTcar Racing, and related entities by maintaining a favorable public image; promoting events, the series, and the company as a whole; communicating policy, accomplishments and points of view; fielding media questions and pitching stories to the media; preparing media kits, organizing press conference, and managing crisis communications.

* Manage the public relations team
     * Hire, train, coach and manage team
     * Assign responsibilities and provide direct feedback
     * Provide editorial guidance and edit releases
* Develop and implement strategic public relations programs to increase brand, sponsor and event awareness
     * Work with other WRG teams to ensure adequate promotion and coverage of all series events and corporate initiatives
* Manage editorial content on website and social channels
* Develop and manage the editorial calendar
     * Assign content creation to public relations coordinators
     * Work with other WRG teams to create content
     * Create additional content as needed
* Manage media relationships
     * Build relationships with endemic media and beyond
     * Write and pitch stories beyond what endemic media picks up
     * Solicit and manage inquiries and credential requests
     * Coordinate media access to teams and drivers
     * Plan and execute press conferences as needed
     * Oversee and maintain media kits
     * Manage digital asset management library of photographs
* Serve an at-track role at high profile events
     * Manage media center and handle media requests
     * Manage crisis communications and serve as the voice of the series
* Ensure the maintenance of current statistics
* Maintain, analyze, optimize and communicate public relations metrics and impact
* Other duties as assigned

* At least five years of previous journalism or public relations experience
* Previous leadership experience in a journalism or public relations field helpful
* BS/BA degree in Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing and/or Sports Management required
* Understanding of motorsports industry needed
* History of success with traditional and interactive public relations programs
* High comfort level with digital media; experience with web content management
* Strong writing ability required
* Able to maintain positive demeanor, even in highly stressful or demanding situations

**Must include salary requirements for consideration. Writing samples may be requested**

Manager, Event Ticketing

This is a full-time, year-round role based in Concord, NC, managing our ticket sales. This hands-on role travels throughout the year, and especially during race season, to approximately 85 events (nights and/or weekends) a year.

* Maximize ticket sales using and not limited to these efforts:  complete comprehension of the ticketing system; partnering with Event Operations, Marketing, and Public Relations for pricing, promotions, press releases, etc.; creating, maintaining and updating the ticketing system for online and telephonic sales; communicating with our customers regarding tickets and upcoming events
* Partner with the ticketing software organization to ensure accuracy, timeliness and ease of sales.
* Serve internal and external customers by and not limited to: distributing tickets to patrons; addressing and resolving patron concerns or complaints; selling tickets to patrons in-person, online or over the phone; communicating with internal and event staff regarding upcoming events and/or ticket details; developing and distributing event and renewal communications
* Proactively develop and implement solutions to increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and/or eliminate recurring concerns
* At events, these person will perform a number of critical roles, including: setting up, maintaining and breaking down ticketing equipment; determining event-day staff needs; locating, training and overseeing event ticket staff in partnership with track/event promoter; coordinate with Accounting on point-of-sale locations; address and resolve customer issues
* Other duties of this role include and will not be limited to: answering ticket related questions from internal and external customers; generating regular and accurate reports; reconciling ticket-related financials; ensuring adequate ticket supplies; troubleshooting technical issues related to ticketing and the ticketing software/hardware; and other duties as assigned.

The right candidate for this role will possess:
* 2-5 years of previous hands-on ticket sales experience; experience with programming of sales preferred
* Superior customer service skills
* Able to successfully juggle multiple high-priority projects
* Able and willing to learn ticketing system, primarily through self-led efforts
* Problem solving skills
* Able to maintain a calm demeanor in high-pressure situations
* Adaptable
* Able to use and perform basic troubleshooting on internet-based software and/or ticketing machines

***You must include salary requirements to be considered for this role***

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